Wild at Heart – Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul – Relationship Book Review

Author John Eldredge believes we have taken away the big dreams of a man's heart when we told him to be a nice guy. This dedication to niceness is the reason there are so many tired and lonely women, so many fatherless children and so few real men around. Men can change this. Learn 3 things Eldredge says men must do to become Wild At Heart and revitalize their relationships.

1. Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight

Aggression is part of the man's design; they are hard wired for it. Boys yearn to know they are powerful, dangerous, someone to be reckoned with.

Hockey and boxing were not feminine creations. A boy wants to attack something and so does a man. Even if it's only a little white ball on a tee. He wants to whack it into kingdom come. Like it or not, the boy is a warrior who grows bored of games that have no element of danger or competition.

Life needs a man to be fierce and fiercely devoted. Eldredge reveals how to do that throughout his book.

2. Deep in his heart, every man longs for an adventure to live

There's a reason the American cowboy has taken on mythic proportions. He embodies a yearning every man knows from very young – to go West, to find a place where he can be all he was meant to be. That is wild, dangerous, unfettered and free.

This is not a macho-man pep rally. It's a search for authentic masculinity. Adventure requires something of us, puts us to the test. Though we may fear the test, at the same time we yearn to be tested, to discover that we have what it takes. If a man has lost this desire, says he does not want it, that's only because he believes he will fail the test. So he decides it's better not to try. Eldredge reveals many ways to change that.

3. Deep in his heart, every man needs a beauty to rescue.

Once he is awakened to the beauty of love, a man wants to be the hero for his beauty. He wants to charge the castle, slay the giant, leap across parapets, or maybe hit a home run. It's not just that a man needs a battle to fight; he needs someone to fight for. A man yearns for romance.

What about the feminine heart?

Eldredge explains the three essential desires in a woman's heart:

Every woman years to be fought for, to be pursued and to be a priority to someone.

Every woman also wants an adventure to share. She does not want to be the adventure; she wants to be caught up in something greater than herself.

Every woman wants to have a beauty to unveil. It's not just physical beauty. It's a deep desire to truly BE the beauty and be delighted in.

How can these insights revitalize your relationships?

WILD AT HEART is not about things men can do to be nicer guys. It's a book about the recovery and release of a man's heart, his passion and his true nature. It is an invitation and instruction guide for a man to head into the high country of the soul, into wild and uncharted regions, and reclaim your heart.

Eldredge invites women to discover the secret of a man's soul and to delight in the strength and wildness men were created to offer. Eldredge concludes that men, women and children will be happier and healthier when men are Wild At Heart. He uses biblical references to support his recommendations, yet his insights transcend any religious boundaries.

Source by Hadley Finch

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