Top 5 Most Exotic Beaches of Morocco

From sandy west coast beaches cushioned by Atlantic Ocean, journey north to Al Hoceima, which is a Mediterranean town with high Mountains along exotic beaches to enjoy, outdoors lovers like a lot such places. The kingdom of morocco offers to visitors a peace of mind with a lot of natural beautiful sightseeing's and sandy soft cool beaches. Some of famous morocco beaches like Dakhla and Taghazout in Agadir are considered the most attractive beaches for ski boating, wave riders and in the whole country.

1- Essaouira:

With blue-green water, Essaouira beach is one of the world class vibrant beach in Essaouira presenting the scene of windsurfing, historic walled villages and crescent smooth sand. You can do some amusement with kite surfing after learning from shredders or at your own skill.

2- Al Hoceima:

Surprisingly independent with modern resorts, this beach is fully western look with a lot of visitors. This beach is surrounded by high hills with trees in the north city of morocco and best place to spend your morocco holidays. You can see many Tarifit Berber speakers (locally called Tamazight) on beach with their traditional settings.

3- Legzira:

Country's most unique beach lies in between sidi Ifni and mirleft town in the south of Agadir tourism beach. Legzira beach is very famous for its natural beautiful arches and stone cliffs especially one which stretches across 90 feet of beach. Its majestic formation sparkles in different startling colors. Soak up more sunrise while stying at cheap morocco resorts located near beach and enjoy sunset in your cheap morocco holidays in natural environment.

4- Sidi Kaouki:

Situated near a small village of barbers with their camels and horses, which take you down to the beach as there is not too much to see in this small town of Sidi Kaouki. Intrepid travelers like a lot the stretched white empty sand beach which sometimes shows the view of awful war field but with less temperature in spring and winter it is converted into a wonderful beach with fresh air. Auberge de la Plage is an inexpensive hotel to stay with cheerful staff and traditional environment.

5- Asilah:

On the beautiful Atlantic coast in northern morocco, Asilah is bookend by golden sweeps of sand near the old walled city. Due to its exceptional and sea views, this beach is considered nicest joyful beach of the country. You can reach there with a taxi or caliche as it is some miles distance in south of old Medina city.

All the beaches are considered the very famous and incredible as their structure is unique and beautiful. Most of sea lovers and visitors come on these extraordinary beaches for enjoying their cheap morocco holidays. To fill up your mind with the beautiful scenery of sandy beach curves, spend some time in cheap morocco resorts for few days to exploit your amusement of sunset at stunning beach.

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