The World's Most Expensive Paintball Gun

If you are reading this then I am guessing you are wondering what the worlds most expensive paintball gun is. The battle for the title has not been going on long, but lets just say in the past year there have been two major contenders in the quest to be labeled as the most expensive paintball marker.

The two contenders for this title are of opposite uses. One company focuses on making more realistic milsim paintball guns used in primarily woodsball and scenario games, while the other company has a competitive / speedball focus. Both companies however – one unknowingly and the other knowingly, are at the top of the "most expensive" marker class.

The first marker is made by RAP4. This machine gun looking beast is fitted to use a q-loader and comes with a bipod. Not just any ordinary bipod that you see on small, normal paintball guns, this bipod is massive – something you can only understand when you you see a picture.

The second marker is made by Eclipse. This is a relative marker that is covered in some expensive materials. Its not gold, its not platinum … but what it is definitely makes the marker itself a shimmering spectacle.

The cool thing about these markers is they both actually work. They have fully working internals, and while you may want to display Eclipse's "most expensive paintball gun," you'll definitely have a hard time doing so with the one from RAP4 – it is just too tempting to NOT shoot.

Source by Ray Manuel

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