The Wisdom of the East Towards the American Dream

About 90 million people in US are currently single *. These frightening statistics show how difficult it is to find a love partner and how difficult it is to save relationships. However, the concept of the American dream still exists and in many cases comes true. Imagine somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean a happy and smiling couple playing with their Labrador and watching the sunset together, but somewhere on the opposite side of this city someone is watching the sun set and rise totally alone. Why do some people get this, and some people do not? How does fate work? And how do we get a happy family?

It is indeed true that the number of single people is increasing day by day not only in the USA but in the entire world. Men are more interested in one-night stands and rarely in building strong families. Big city life offers many temptations that people can find difficult to turn down for a family. Wars have changed the human sex ratio and left many women alone. The world is not like it was before. The pursuit of material prosperity has a negative effect on many human virtues and causes people to distrust others – and even a potential partner. In addition to that the ultimate goal of relationships must be children. Children are flowers of our life, but they require investment and finance. Often the lack of confidence in being able to support a family scares people, men in particular. These and other points are resulting in late marriages, which are very popular now. There is a clear reason for this trend. It is due to the disappointment at the institution of marriage caused by the experience of their parents and young peers. They got married early and their marriage was a kind of rash decision. It used to be so that love was the one and only reason for a marital union. Love is definitely a good thing, but it is not enough to protect a person from dissension at home. Now, young people look for their perfect match, for that identical rhesus factor of their soul to live in harmony and have that happy end.

However, spending years searching for and finding a rich experience is not the only way to find your perfect match, and, of course, it is not the best one. It often happens that during the search, people lose such important personal traits as trust and belief, which are hard to live without. So, somehow it cuts both ways. The East, which is famous for the wisdom of how to live a healthy life, has special methods for choosing the destined partner in the early years as well as building strong and happy family. They believe in the saying that marriages are made in heaven. And Jyotish is the very science lets people know what has been decided in heaven – which couples should marry. Jyotish is Vedic knowledge of which is widely accepted to be a lucky lottery ticket for life. Unfortunately however, Jyotish has frequently been taking for Western astrology, which is abundant on the Internet. The pity is that all these astrological sites present astrology in the wrong way using superficial knowledge. This has generated a lot of stereotypes. This, in turn, has led to people not believing in Jyotish as well. Jyotish is intended to show people the right path to a successful life. People who know Jyotish are happy both in their social and private lives. Using three parameters (date, time and place of birth) it is possible to analyze what potential relationships hold for a person and how compatible people are. Before getting married, all the relationships in the East are considered based on Jyotish to be sure that the marriage will not be childless or impecunious for example. However, it takes time and requires effort to understand Jyotish in all respects. But it is definitely worth it. Although there can be a faster way to get the benefits of Joytish. There is a new social platform – Abboom that positions itself as a social service for making people happy with the help of Jyotish. As Abboom claims that it has managed to transform this knowledge into an automatic system allowing users to see their mutual compatibility analysis for free and in an easily understandable way. Whether it managed to do or not it is up to you to decide (

Jyotish is a sure method to meet your perfect match for life, but meeting that person does not always mean that you will be able to keep relationship until your dying days. Jyotish is not a prediction of the future; Joytish may just prevent a person from many negative situations which can be between incompatible persons. Relationships always have to be worked on, but how hard depends only on how suitable the persons are. And, yes, dreams do come true and the American dream too – the most important thing is to try to achieve it.

* According to the statistics

Source by Margarita Kamenskaya

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