The Top 7 Don'ts When Clubbing in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? You can get as wild as you want to, drink and party until it's light outside and relax at the pool all day.

This all may be true, yet, there are still some things you do not do while you're here. Here's just a brief list of the top 7:

1) DO NOT be nasty to the wait staff: These people have feelings, children and employers. Even bouncers / bartenders / dealers / cocktail waitresses have their boundaries! Think about this, you might be there to have a good time but these people have rules they have to follow.

2) DO NOT dance on the chairs, the tables, the bar: You'll only have a chance to be up there for 30 seconds – the exact amount of time it will take for the security guard to come over to you and order you to climb back down. Do not climb up on any part or article of furniture unless you see other patrons doing it. And do not think because there is professional dancing up on a podium that you can join them. This is a sure way of being kicked out of the club.

3) DO NOT forget to tip. The staff lives almost completely on tips and their actual hourly earnings is somewhere around minimum wage. If you decide not to leave a tip at all you should expect really bad table service and a swarm of animosity to hang close to you. Cocktail waitresses and bartenders will really avoid you. Dealers and slot attendants should be tipped when you win, and the valet and cocktail waitresses should be tipped all the time. The only difference between a great tip and a horrible tip is a few dollars.

4) DO NOT avoid the crosswalk when crossing Las Vegas Blvd. Crazy tourists die every year when they try to dodge the taxis, locals and drive-in visitors that speed down the street at 60+ mph. Even So, if your safety does not convince you, maybe the cops giving you a jaywalking ticket of $ 250 will. Millions of dollars has been spent by Clark County paying for the pedestrian overpasses. Use them.

5) DO NOT hit on a cocktail waitress. Guys: They might be in short dresses and they might be flirting with you, but that's because that's their JOB. Their warm smiles and enthusiastic salutations are what their employers want them to do and these behaviors does not mean that they like you / are in love with you / desire to be intimate with you. Making a move on them will do nothing but cause them to roll their eyes as they walk by. Simply enjoy the drinks, the laughter and the atmosphere and forget about anything else.

6) DO NOT dress like a street walker. Girls: Please do not snatch up the tiniest dress you own, which barely fit you 12 years ago, or use your holiday as a reason to purchase a new hoochie dress from Forever 21 that does not quite conceal all your parts. If you are 40+, do not shop there. If you think this does not apply to you, then it probably does. You'll look and feel awkward and thus wind up drinking more to repress the insecurity. You might be trying for sexy but if you have love-handles it will show through that tank top or worse yet, rolls that show below that top. Ewww. Nobody wants to see that. Dress attractive, not hoochie – there IS a difference.

7) DO NOT be a jerk. You are not Joe Pesci in Casino and nobody will see you as being cool because you are acting like a ego-tistical jerk. Do not walk around and pretend like you are the big man in Vegas unless you are actually Sean Combs or Janet Jackson. If you are reading this, you most likely are not them.

Source by Heidi Keller-Rosen

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