The K2 Burnin Luv Vs The K2 SuperBurnin

The high-performance women-specific K2 Burnin Luv skis have recently been replaced by the new K2 SuperBurnin. The question many fans of the K2 Burnin Luv ski are asking is: is the SuperBurnin an improvement? Should I upgrade? This article identifies the differences between the two pairs of skis so you can decide for yourself.

BioFlex Core: K2’s BioFlex Core is one of their major selling points, and it’s one of the notable differences between the Burnin and the Super Burnin. While the Burnin Luvs have the original fir, spruce and bamboo BioFlex core, designed for a more forgiving and stable ride, the SuperBurnin employs the BioFlex 3. The BioFlex 3 employs an aspen/paulownia/bamboo core that uses a higher ratio of dense material to light. This translates into a ski designed for greater strength and performance, but poses more of a challenge to master than the Burnin Luv, which is already a ski for advanced skiers.

Turn Radius: That higher performance can be immediately seen in the turn radius. The K2 Burnin Luv had a turn radius of 13 meters at a length of 160 cm; this has been slightly improved with the SuperBurnin, with its new turn radius of 12 meters at 160 cm. If every bit of distance matters to you, then you’ll prefer the higher mobility of the SuperBurnin.

Details: The dimensions have grown slightly larger in the SuperBurnin. According to the listings on, the dimensions of the burnin luvs are 117 by 70 by 101, while the SuperBurnins measure 121 by 72 by 106; a small difference, but again, every little bit matters when it comes to skis. Also, while both skis are available at lengths of 146, 153, and 160 centimeters, the SuperBurnin has the added option of 167 cm, so if that’s your preferred length, you’ll want the SuperBurnin. Finally, one detail that some users have complained about with the SuperBurnin is that the brakes don’t interlock as well as the brakes on the previous model, making them more difficult to carry. If ease of transportation is one of your top concerns, you may want to stick with the Burnin Luvs.

In the end, it’s all about personal preference. The K2 Burnin Luv ski is slightly smaller, easier to ride, and easier to carry than the SuperBurnin, but the SuperBurnin will give you greater strength and higher performance. Regardless, expert female skiers are sure to be satisfied with the quality of either ski.

Source by Lyn Ashby

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