The Advantages of Braided Ropes

There is a variety of braided ropes available to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics. There are two main types: The single braided rope and the double braided rope. Each of these types also come in a variety of materials including nylon. These ropes are often used in many different fields such as construction, climbing or recreational, or even for rescue.

The single braided rope usually consists of about eight or twelve strands weaved together with half twirling clockwise and half counterclockwise leaving a central void. This is sometimes referred to as the hallow braid. This rope is very strong and can lift very heavy weights, and is primarily used in counterweight systems.

The double braid rope is also known as the braid on braid, which is an inner braid surrounded by an outer braid, leaving no central void. Usually the center braid is made from a stronger fiber, while the outer is a more abrasive resistant fiber. This type of rope could not be used in a counterweight system because of the double braid. However, because it is thicker and stronger, it can be used for almost any other lifting job.

Nylon rope is a very strong and durable material. Nylon braided rope is very suitable for various uses. It is good for climbing because of its durability and abrasion resistance. Nylon rope will stretch when sudden pressure is applied, but it will not do so at the expense of its own durability. This quality makes it an excellent option for construction or climbing.

Climbing rope is usually made out of a double braided rope because it is stronger and more secure to better protect the climber. They are also more weather resistant, which is a key element for climbing.
A single braid rope would be ideal for a rescue rope. In a moment of emergency, a rescue rope is important as it could save a person's life. The rope would ideally need to be very strong and durable but also flexible and light. This makes the single braid a good decision to use. The single braid rope, depending on the material used, will float in water.

The single braid can also be used in counterweight systems. This option is excellent if one need's to lift a person or object. The rescue rope can not be too thick for the system to use so it will not slip down the counterweight system.

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