Ski Exercise Advice – Ski All Day Long This Season

Have you ever wished you could prepare yourself for ski season and improve your skills by doing ski exercises at home? Well, there are several types of ski workout machines on the market that will allow you to do just that. These exercise machines work by simulating the side to side movements involved in downhill skiing. They are perfect for ski exercise because they will help you improve your coordination, strengthen the relevant muscles, and enhance your balance. Not only that, just like skiing, they will give you a great workout any time you use them.

Finding high quality ski exercise machines is not easy, particularly for downhill skiers. However, there are several on the market worth looking into. Be prepared to invest some money though, as they tend to be relatively expensive compared to some types of home exercise equipment. After doing some research, there are three ski workout machines which I would highly recommend if you are serious about purchasing one.

Body Flex BG2000 Ski-Skate Machine

Regardless of what level skier you are, this is an excellent machine for a great ski workout at home. It's both fun and effective. This machine allows you to simulate both skiing as well as speed skating. You will give your muscles a strenuous workout without potentially harmful stress to your joints.

The Body Flex machine comes with a heart monitor and heart rate readout. With these you can track your heart rate during your ski exercises. It also comes with a workout timer, a distance readout, and will also show you how many calories you have burned. The retail price for this machine is usually around $ 1000.

Skier's Edge Classic Series – The Original Carving Machine

Skier's Edge is a great company when it comes to ski workout machines. They offer four different machines, all of which are excellent. The Skier's Edge Classic Series machine is a great all-around machine for ski conditioning and is perfect for a skier of any level. You can burn anywhere from 800 to over 1100 calories in just an hour using this machine.

There are several additional accessories you can purchase with this machine, depending on your particular needs and goals for your ski exercises. These include the Powder / Mogul Master, which is great for improving fresh powder skiing as well as enhancing your balance and timing. Another accessory you can get is the Slope Simulator, which allows you to vary the slope pitch for a good simulation of real skiing. The All Mountain Master allows you to create a ski workout which simulates various snow conditions and skiing styles. This accessory is great for increasing your aerobic endurance and power.

Skier's Edge Big Mountain Series – The Ultimate Carving Machine

This machine is the company's most popular seller and is geared towards the intermediate to expert skier. It has a higher profile and provides a more strenuous ski workout than the Classic Series. You can burn between 1220 to 1350 calories in just an hour! With this machine you will significantly condition all the muscles required for heavy duty skiing. All the accessories mentioned above for the Classis Series are available for the Big Mountain machine.

Skier's Edge offers a 30 day trial and boasts a return rate on their website of less than 1%. This speaks volumes about the quality of their ski exercise machines. However, since they prefer to create a customized package for you, they do not provide pricing information on their website. You need to either call them or request a mailed brochure.

The if the price And of these ski exercise machines is a bit steep, then take a look at this ski exercise guide – a much cheaper alternative!

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