Propane Camping Showers: What Sets the Best Apart?

What makes the best propane camping showers better than all the other options? Camping shower reviews can help you sort through the information you can get on these easy-to-use portable hot shower options so you can confidently choose the absolute best option for your needs. If you're wondering what sets the best propane showers apart from the rest, here is a list of features to look for if you're looking for the absolute best in portable propane showers:

On Demand Heating: The best propane showers on the market today offer on demand heating that can take your water from chilly to a hundred degrees in about ten seconds. Coleman has their "Hot-Water-On-Demand" model, but they are not the only band offering hot water when you want it. Camp Chef has the Triton tankless hot water heater and Zodi has a number of hot water on demand options. Most will need a little re-circulation to get water hotter than 100 ° F though, and all will need a little longer to heat up water that's near freezing.

Easy Ignition: The best propane camping showers include easy push-button ignitions that allow you to start the heating mechanism without a lighter. This means you get your shower up and running more quickly, and you do not have to fuss with it for long before you get a hot shower.

Temperature Gauge: It's a good idea to have a propane shower that shows you how hot the water is. Since some can get water to heat up to well over a hundred degrees, you run the risk of scalding yourself by testing the water by hand instead of trusting a thermometer.

Temperature Controls: The best camping showers will allow you to easily control the temperature of your shower so that you can get the water lukewarm or super hot. Temperature controls should be sensitive enough that you can adjust the temperature by a few degrees if necessary.

Bulk Tank Option: Most propane camping showers are meant to be run off of a standard 16 oz disposable propane canister, but having the option of a bulk tank converter is always convenient. Having the ability to run off of a larger, refill-able tank allow you to run the shower for longer without having to bring extra smaller tanks to switch in and out.

Battery Operated Pump: Propane camping showers come with two different parts, normally – the heating unit and the pump unit that actually goes in the tank or water supply. A battery operated pump is more convenient than a hand-operated pump, so this is probably what you want to look for on your camping shower.

As always, it's a good idea to look at camping shower reviews before deciding on the shower that will best suit your needs. Not all of the above features are absolutely essential, but they do make using a portable shower more convenient and easier to use. Looking for a shower with excellent reviews and the above features can help you choose the best propane camping shower around.

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