Immigrating to Another Country? 3 Tips to Prepare Yourself Mentally

It is no news that the world has become global, that jumping on a plane to go and live on the other side of Mother Earth is not an issue any longer. Every year thousands of people uproot themselves and move to another country. They could be moving temporarily or permanently to start a new life. But even though it is quite usual nowadays, immigration is one of the most stressing events in someone's life along with divorce, illness and the loss of a loved one. But can you prepare yourself for the effects that immigration can have on you?

I personally immigrated many times in my life, alone, with job, without job and with family. It all has been sometimes an adventure and sometimes very stressful. In addition I come, like most of us, from an immigrant family, and I can be very grateful that I have immigrated in the internet era where information is readily available. I must say my first immigration experience was pre internet times, but I am sure that there was more information available than when my grandparents immigrated at the beginning of the 20th century.

The physical move has become so easy these days. Yes. you still need to do lots of organizing. Depending on if you are moving permanently or temporarily you will need to sell or rent out assets, close bank accounts, home utility accounts, organize school records, and look for new schools in the new place. But all of this has literally became so easy. You even have companies that will organize the move for you, look for housing and help you settle when you arrive.

With regards to the emotional side of the move, all the work and research you may do will never prepare for the effects that this can have on you. When you find yourself in a new country where you literally do not know anything, where to buy a litre of milk and what type of milk to buy, or what food to buy for your baby, then it can be quite a challenge. We are creatures that are used to our lives and normally we do not like to make the transition easier. to change. We do not like to change houses imagine countries

Having moved a couple of times I have some tips to make the transition easier:

1 Even if you have no option but to immigrate, take it as an adventure. That was the way I took it the first time I moved, and I could adjust easily. If you take it as an adventure, you will not focus on the negative of leaving your country and on the things yu miss. You will instead focus on new things you could discover, on new people you could meet, on learning other ways to live, on trying new food, on taking a mini holiday every weekend to see this new city you are living in.

2. First priority is to mix with people, preferably local people. When we immigrate we tend to look for other immigrants from our country of origin. I am not saying is bad, because you can learn from their experience, but also mix with locals, and adapt to the way things are being done here. There are lots of sites on the internet where you can find locals. Join a sport club, a walking club, a bridge club, or if your kids are at school then socialize with other parents. In a nutshell, pursue your interests and hobbies and you will meet new people to socialize.

3. Accept that your emotions will go up and down. Do not deny them. There will be some days that you will be happy and some other one s that you will miss your old life. Thanks to Skype these days you can just call your old friends and cheer up a little. Do not deny your feelings. When they come, accept them, live through them and then look forward to new lessons.

Immigration is not easy. But the experience you will go through is invaluable. In the process you will grow and see things from another perspective.

Source by Vivian Gush

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