Hungry As the Sea by Wilbur Smith

If you love stories of high sea adventure pick up a copy of "Hungry as the Sea" by Wilbur Smith. From the frigid waters of Antarctica, to South Africa, to a London courtroom to a terrifying Caribbean hurricane the riveting action will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Nicholas Berg was once the chairman of a shipping consortium and ruled an ocean going empire. His fortunes changed and he lost his empire and his wife to Duncan Alexander. Now he's captain of the Warlock, a modern and powerful salvage tug. He gets a distress call from one of his former cruise ships and he's steaming out of Cape Town, to mount a rescue mission. The ship, carrying six hundred passengers, is stranded in the Antarctic. The weather is terrifying and the boat is being lashed against the cliffs of Cape Alarm surrounded by deadly icebergs. Berg's heroics turn his life around and bring him back to power. But his climb back into the international shipping game does not sit well with the new chairman. Duncan is a formidable adversary and intends to ruin him once and for all.

This is a story that has it all – life and death adventure, suspense and romance. It begins with a thrilling tugboat rescue and the action is fierce. Smith is a great story teller and knows how to describe the treacherous weather and ice surrounding a rescue at sea. This is a thrilling tale of man against the sea. Those who love ships and ocean going adventure will be enthralled.

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (May 15, 1999)
ISBN: 978-0312971076
Mass Market Paperback: Pages 501
Price: $ 7.99

Source by Gail Pruszkowski

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