Getting to France With Your Golf Clubs

More and more people these days are taking golfing holidays on the continent. In particular, France. Getting over there with your clubs can, however, be troublesome if you are not well versed.


The easiest, and probably most practical way of getting your golf clubs over to France is in the boot of your car. From Dover, there are a number of companies offering cheap ferry crossings for you and your car. The majority of these ferry companies take you over to Calais, however there are also routes to Boulogne on offer.

Generally speaking, the earlier you book your crossing, the cheaper it will be. If you are thinking of going on the spur of the moment however, it is very easy to turn up at the ferry port and arrange a crossing there and then (you will usually be able to cross within a couple of hours of arriving in Dover) .

Taking your car on the ferry is definitely the cheapest, easiest and most practical for people in the south of England who are travelling to the Northern parts of France.


There are 2 options for taking yourself and your golf clubs over to France by Train. The Eurostar and The Euro tunnel. The euro tunnel shares the same benefits as the ferry, allowing you to take your gold clubs in the back of your car. The crossing is also much faster. Taking around 35minutes to drop you in France. For this added speed though, you will pay a premium. Expect to pay upto twice as much for the Eurotunnel as you would for the Ferry.

Eurostar is ideal for golfers without their own car, or who have lost their licence for any reason (inc drink driving). There are no restrictions on luggage allowance, only a recommended luggage allowance. On their website, they also state to "help tour groups of any size including …. sporting groups (golfing, shooting parties etc) [with their luggage]"


Despite all the hassles associated with Air travel, flying can be the quickest and easiest way to get yourself out to the French golf courses, especially for those of you living in the north.

Most airlines charge an excess baggage fee for travelling with golf clubs so you may want to add up the costs and see if it is worth paying this or just renting a set while you are away.

One way to keep costs down is to stuff all your clothing into your golf bag and hand luggage. This leaves you with only one bag to check in, which, if light enough, can save you any excess fees whatsoever.

I would definitely recommend investing in some quality luggage for you clubs. It is a well known fact that baggage handlers like nothing more than running over passengers luggage on motorbikes. Make sure you are insured too so that when you arrive at the course and unpack your clubs, you can be compensated for your L-shaped driver.

Source by Rodney Munch

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