Do not Fall in Love With a Sugar Baby

If you've never done the girlfriend-while-married thing, (or boyfriend) and you're going into this for fun and adventure, you might hear Do not fall in love and laugh, naively thinking No problemo! On the other hand, if you're more of a romantic you might think How do you control something so basic? Or, if you do not care about protecting your marriage, you might simply wonder, Why not? There are several reasons, in addition to protecting one's marriage, why you should not fall in love with a Sugar Baby. In fact, I can give the whole enchilada in one simple sentence: The relationship is NSA, No Strings Attached. Period.

Think of Sugar dating as an extended one-night stand. When a one-night stand ends, what do you do? You give her or him a goodbye hug or handshake, and walk away.

In some cases, I fell for the sugar babies when I allowed my emotions to overtake logical, cool calculation. After that, any time I began falling into the pattern of romantic feelings, I forced myself to stop thinking about her and do something else. I'd go to the gym, or I'd stay an extra two hours at work; I'd even go out on a date with someone else. I'm not saying it was easy; it took great self-discipline – but this is how I kept myself from falling into the "infatuation trap".

Would I have preferred to just let myself go, and to revel in all those feel-good emotions? Of course! I would've loved to freely experience that kind of pleasure again – but it's only fleeting pleasure. I was still sure I wanted to stay with my wife, and to keep my family intact. In the long run, falling in love with a Sugar Baby would have destroyed that life.

Sure, everyone prefers to go out with people we like and want to be with in a genuine way. In the case Sugar dating, though, it's Sugar that brought you together in the first place, not love or even the quest for love. This should be kept in mind at all times. Even if a Sugar Baby seems to genuinely love you, just try removing the Sugar from the relationship Nine out of ten times the Sugar Baby simply moves on to the next Sugar Daddy – which should tell you something about these relationships. For the most part, they're transient. If what you want is lasting love, look elsewhere. If you decide to try out the Sugar lifestyle, though, be honest with yourself and know what you're getting into. It is not love.

Source by David Montrose

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