Different Climbing Calls – You Better Know It Well Before A Climb

In this article I will mention about different climbing calls. To the advanced climbers, you can use the article to refresh the fundamentals so as to climb better and safer.

During climbing, the calls are short and precise to avoid ambiguity. Calls will have to be loud during climbing so as to be heard easily. Below are a few commonly used calls:


Climber says this to ensure that the belayer is ready and alert.


In response belayer will reply to indicate that he is prepared to belay, after making sure all knots, gates shut, tight on belay, in line with belay and able to brake correctly


Climber will say this to let the belayer know he is about to begin the climb


Belayer's response indicating that he is ready and the climber can begin climbing

* The above rock climbing calls are usually done in order on the ground prior to a climb after all necessary checks on the equipments have been conducted. *


Belayer will take up any slack in the rope requested by the climber.


This is requested by the climber so that the belayer will give some slack, usually during clipping / unclipping of runner or top climbing.


Often called by the climber, either when making an awkward move, or when expecting to fall off.


Climber says this when setting up a rappel at the top of a route so that the belayer knows that the climber is tied off to an anchor.


Call to warn other climbers when lowering or throwing out a rope or abseiling, top roping etc.

Calls may vary but do bear in mind that so long that both climbers and belayers have common understanding and agreement on the calls before the climb.

Well that is basically the climbing calls that I can share. Feel free to post any comments so as to improve the article.

Source by Yong Lim Foo

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