A Review of the Mongoose Status 26 Inch Mens Dual Suspension Bike – A Cheap But Good Little Gem

The Mongoose is one of Amazon's best selling full suspension mountain bikes and with good reason. The Mongoose is positively dripping with quality components which most people rightly would not expect to find on a bike at this price range. These features include a lightweight aluminum frame, 24 speed Shimano EZ quick shifters, Shimano levers, Suntour crankset, Arrow alloy rims, together with twin disk brakes. These add up to a bike which can punch well above its weight considering the price ..

What is it like to ride? Well, the answer is surprisingly well. At 46 pounds it is no featherweight but it hides its weight well, certainly no worse than other mid range springers, and from a few afternoons of muddy fun I did not especially notice the bulk Not as refined as the likes of a Trek or Specialized over bumps, one has to remember that the entire bike costs about the same as the forks on a premium brand bike – the differential in performance is not as wide as the price would suggest. As a weekend toy I would not discount it over my hardtail or Specialized – it does what it says on the tin!

Out of the box there is a small amount of assembly, certainly no more than other brands – certainly a little time spent here adjusting the brakes and ensuring all is in alignment will pay dividends later. An hour at the beginning had me riding a fun little bike.

So, what is the verdict? Well, admittedly you are unlikely to see one of these at a professional race, but as a starter bike, or an occasional down and dirty bike there are very few bikes at this price range that can compete on a level with this.

Source by Lee Myring

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